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HAVOC - Helping All Victims Of Community

HAVOC means destruction but our campaign HAVOC means helping all victims of community.

As of today children women and senior citizens are the easy victims of our community.

These victims suffer from the following destructions (HAVOC)

  • Domestic viloence
  • Sexual Abuse
  • Undue Advantages
  • Human Trafficing
  • Dowry
  • Abortion

HAVOC intends extending its helping hand by providing services to the survivors of domestic violence, sexual assault and other such victims and also create public awareness whereby with your support, we together can bring about changes in the public policy.

It is said that extending a helping hand is far better than joining hands for praying.

Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault are crimes that affect everyone in our community...
You can be part of the solution !

Most of the NGO's associated with us are not well funded as probably they are not aware whom to approach or they work on word of mouth basis and donors hesitate as they are not sure if their funds are going in the right hands.

NGO's getting no grants depend on individual donors for funds and HAVOC plans to generate funds by organizing multi-city fashion shows to support these NGO's

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